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      Below are the testimonials from some of my satisfied customers as well as articles from newspapers and awards received.  I try my hardest to do the best job I can for my clients.  I realize that you have hundreds of choices when it comes to selecting a real estate agent and that is why I will do everything it takes to make you a loyal client.  I try to set myself apart from other agents by being honest, reliable and informative.  I will always return phone calls or emails promptly.  I will always give you my honest opinion on a home even if it means losing  the sale.  As a matter of fact, with my complete honesty I have probably influenced more people to not buy a specific home.  I would never try to talk anyone into buying a home.  I will give my opinion, but that is too big of a decision for me to influence.
You are fantastic, by the way!  I am so glad to have discovered you and very much am looking forward to working with you for years to come.  Keep doing what you do and how you do it and I will spread the good Buckley word as far as I can.

This is the first letter I ever recieved from a client, and he is still a loyal client and good friend.
The testimonials below were cut and pasted from emails.
I just wanted to thank you for making my closing go so smoothly.  I was so scared that I was going to lose the house but you kept assuring me that I would not.  My husband and I still can't believe that you came over and fixed the heat for us after we moved in.  I don't think any other realtor would have done that.  We are so appreciative and happy we met you.  I will certainly spread the word that you are the best realtor at the shore.  Thanks again.     Kathy and Mark

    After working with many other realtors trying to find our dream home at the shore, I am so glad we ran into you at your open house.  Although I didn't believe you when you told me that you would email me listings right after you got home, to my amazement you did!  The very first email you sent me contained the beautiful home we are now spending our summers in.  The funny thing is that it was a listing of our previous agent who knew I was looking for a home but never bothered to tell me about this home.  Thank you very much for finding us our dream summer home and for making everything so easy for us.

Just wanted to say thatnks for everything you did for us and all the problems you resolved with the purchase of the house.  As soon as we get the new homes up we will definitely be calling you to list them.

You are amazing!!!  I have never had an agent who was so honest with me.  Don't worry, we will find something that I will buy and get you your well deserved commission.

Article from Asbury Park Press